Сolor: Green
Barrel material: metal with pvc
Christmas tree material: soft plastic, pvc (cast)
Stand: metal
Height: 2.1 m; 2.3 m; 2.5 m
Usage: Indoor and outdoor

Christmas tree UMBRELLA - fastening branches on hinges. Coniferous branches, attached to the tree trunk with the help of hinges, this is the convenient and quick way to prepare a green beauty for the holiday. The convenience of hinges is that you do not need to assemble, fasten, and fit them by size. Assembling a hinged spruce does not require a lot of time and effort.

Christmas Soul Artificial Spruce is made from environmentally friendly materials that are non-flammable and hypoallergenic. Our Christmas tree does not deform, does not fade or crumble, it has rather dense branches that do not bend under the weight of large toys and ornaments. You can set each branch and direct it in any direction, as you like it.

It’s unrealistically beautiful dark green color resembles a real forest luxurious spruce. Amazing spruce will not leave you indifferent, because its beauty fascinates the hearts of many people

You ask why I should choose a fir tree from Christmas Soul, and we will answer: We are a soul! We put our heart into our products so that you have a beautiful and cheerful New Year! Christmas Soul is a guarantee of quality, fast delivery, great price. Our Christmas tree will serve you for many years without harming nature. Let’s save nature together with Christmas Soul!
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